Women's Health Kit
Includes a crash course pocket guide to women's health. Each product in the kit pertains to a different area covered in the pocket guide.
Kit Items
Women's Health Pocket Guide
Divided into sections that describe how to better women's health.
Exercise Log
Simply cross off the days that you exercise for at least 30 minutes. Designed as a tool to check yourself to make sure you get physical activity at least 4 days a week.
Relax & Unwind Tea Bags
Doctor's Appointment Notebook
Sectioned by various types of medical appointments. Provided with questions that are relevant to each type of medical appointment and followed by lined paper for note taking.
How to Eat Your Vitamins
Pack of cards that describes the benefits of certain vitamins and how to eat them naturally.
Viral Marketing Strategy
Using conference attendees to promote Orenda through social media channels like Instagram.

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